"Space to be open and authentic"

Ginger and I have been friends for almost 5 years, across 5 countries. Over and over again, I am awed by how accepted and understood I feel by her. She is one of the great listeners of the world and, partly because of this, she is consistently one of the people I most want to go to with any sort of problem, from career issues, to relationships, to the meaning of life and everything in between.

Ginger helps me to understand myself better by giving me space to be open and authentic, and bringing in wisdom from all of the work she has done helping herself and others. I am inspired by how she shows up to experiences without expectations, and this gives us a relationship where I'm free of not wanting to disappoint her and can be completely honest. Often, more honest than I feel able to be around myself.  

Christina Williamson

Ginger stands out as the real thing

Scanning my 28 year career in leader development, Ginger stands out as the real thing with an unusual set of gifts. Lucky are the folks who work with her.

Results beyond my expectations

wade loftesnes

I've been working with Ginger for just over a month and I've already been able to see results that were beyond my expectations when I started. She's been able to help me change my perspective which has had both positive mental and physical effects. This has helped me not only in my personal life but with my professional career as well.

I've worked with a handful of people in the past with little to no results. Ginger's approach allows you to see the true root of the obstacles in your environment and teaches you to take control of these yourself. I'm a believer that her approach could help anyone who's looking to make real (and big) changes in their life.

Wade Loftesnes

International business travel support

One of my biggest barriers when it comes to international travel is language. Recently, I was invited to attend a conference in Medellin, Colombia, and I was immediately hesitant to attend, purely because of the language barrier. Spanish is the official language of Colombia and I only speak English.

Leading up to my trip, I met with Ginger and she immediately started putting my fears to rest. She listened to my hesitations and based on that, offered thoughtful and useful suggestions. She provided me with tools that I could use both leading up to and during my trip, to help me communicate and find my way around Medellin. She also walked me through various scenarios I might encounter and walked me through those scenarios – arriving at the airport, hailing a taxi, finding my hotel, etc. It was all very helpful. She even connected me to a local resident, who I reached out to and met with while in Medellin. It was so nice to have someone to contact when I arrived.
Looking back, I definitely referenced those scenarios and used those tools. Further, as Ginger shared with me, it was not nearly as difficult to get around the city, even though most local residents spoke Spanish. The residents are extremely friendly, and as long as I spoke slowly and used some key phrases in Spanish (that Ginger told me), I was able to convey what I needed. I am so glad I went on this trip and was super appreciative of Ginger’s help!
Chris Senesi

Now I capitalize on opportunity and break through limits

Ginger's business expertise and understanding of emotional intelligence has helped me excel in working with business partners and clients. I felt I wasn't getting enough out of my experiences in my career and personal life, and she guided me to understanding how to capitalize on opportunity and break through limits I had placed on my own self-confidence. I highly recommend Ginger, as she is straight to the point and has helped me grow by pointing out blind spots -- I'm no longer playing the victim and I now know just how much power I have in maneuvering tricky situations in business and in life. I look forward to working with her as I build my company and inspire others as she's done for me.

Aubrey McCormick, CEO & Co-Founder

Exactly what I needed to hear

I just wanted to thank you for authentically caring. Our conversation was very powerful for me and exactly what I needed to hear. I'm extremely grateful for you and your mind. 'Just the facts' has become my new business mantra and will likely stay with me for life!

John Paul Narowski
KarmaCRM Founder

Her style of coaching is beautiful

Her style of coaching is beautiful. It's very gentle, very inviting, and it's a very spacious place to be. I feel like she always has me in her intention, in her mind, in her heart, which is very special. Her coaching is not at all mechanical, or about numbers, or money, or tools. She coaches because she loves to do it. It's so different because she coaches for that reason; the energy is different, the connection is different. Her spirit is amazing. I see her as this lady who embodies beautiful, white light. I don't know where it comes from, but it's very pure. I think that's the biggest thing: the spirit she has in her heart.

I'd 10/10 recommend her to anyone who wants to stop wasting time and start getting results in their life

Getting coaching with Ginger has been of one the best decisions I've made in a long time. She's been of enormous value helping me gain clarity, purpose and direction in my life and career, and I've seen all sorts of dramatic improvements in the six months we've been having regular calls.

Every time we speak she offers me new insights and perspectives that shift my mindset for the better, along with actionable advice that I can apply immediately - plus she's not afraid to call me out on my bullshit when she sees I'm not living up to my full potential.

I look forward to every call, and I'd 10/10 recommend her to anyone who wants to stop wasting time and start getting results in their life.

George, Barcelona

Stood up to my fears and planned out a solo backpacking trip

jen_riedel.JPG"When I was finally ready to stand up to my fears and plan out a solo backpacking trip through Europe, I turned to Ginger for help. Her encouragement, intelligence, and ability to give me actionable steps to obtain my goal was invaluable. She was my biggest supporter every step of the way. I would highly recommend working with her if you are ready to get out and explore on your own!"


Jen Riedel, Raleigh, NC

Incredibly powerful coaching!

I had been seeing a conventional therapist for a few months and it just wasn’t working for me. When I decided to invest in Ginger’s coaching program, I was lacking confidence and letting the fear of judgment hinder the decisions I made. After only one month with Ginger, I am now able to face head-on the challenges that used to give me anxiety. In fact, I look forward to seeking out new challenges! The coaching experience with Ginger has been incredibly powerful and I wholeheartedly recommend her as a coach.

Jessica, Seattle

Ginger has an unbeatable talent for assisting others in self improvement. Even after my first session with her, I was able to better distinguish what I need to work on from everything I'm doing right. She allowed me to see the greater picture and understand that obstacles in life, though sometimes discouraging, are necessary for growth as a person and can always be overcome with the right mindset.

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Her compassion and perceptiveness helped me to comfortably talk about myself the way I would with a close friend. If you are looking for a life coach who is professional yet down to earth, I would certainly recommend Ginger.

Brian Miller, New Jersey

She helped me to realize my potential & left me with real, tangible results.

The time I spent with Ginger was exceptional. The wonderfully balanced mixture of comfort and professionalism allowed for a healthy atmosphere of self improvement. Ginger Kern helped me to realize my potential, and left me with real, tangible results; identifying and addressing my rocky edges and setting me in the right direction towards smoothing them out.

The greatest piece of advice I can give is to always strive towards your full potential, and I promise you it is a much simpler feat with Ginger Kern.

Kenny Webber, Tampa, FL

The Accountability Coaching Program has been really inspirational and I would highly recommend it!

The Accountability Coaching Program has been really inspirational and I would highly recommend it! After talking with Ginger, I was finally able to see the world in colours and see myself again as somebody who is able to do things and stop waiting as time passes by. I used to worry too much and avoid looking into the depth of my current situation and now I know what to start with and how to approach a situation if I want change.

Also, already during our first call, Ginger connected me with people who could be a help or inspiration for my plans, for which I am really grateful! Thanks!

Mariann Volgyes, Brno, Hungary

I loved the process and our conversations. This month has FLOWN by. I can't believe it is over.

I loved the process and our conversations. This month has FLOWN by. I can't believe it is over. Now I know how I can work more efficiently and use my "down time" better. It has been very insightful to have someone else take a look at how I am doing things and make helpful suggestions.

The Accountability Coaching Program truly helped me and I enjoyed it! It was great to have someone checking in on my professional and personal progress.

Jim Buckley, Boston, MA

Ginger's approach helped me to identify & work on the parts of my life in need of attention...

will aquite.jpgGinger's approach helped me to quickly identify the parts of my current life in need of attention and gave me a different perspective. She helped me realize that even though there are a lot of changes coming in the near future, I don't need to wait for those to happen to work towards feeling fulfilled and satisfied.

The coaching experience with Ginger has been very effective and I would highly recommend her as a coach.

William Aquite, Madison, WI

Being coached by Ginger has been an eye-opener...

Myke MacapinlacAs a dating coach, I personally know and understand the true value of having a coach as well. After talking with Ginger, I was finally able to have clarity about my attitude towards growing my business.

Before, I used to feel a lack of sense of gratitude and fulfillment and now I know how to slow things down and appreciate the things that I’ve already accomplished which allowed me to experience happiness along my journey. Being coached by Ginger has been an eye-opener and a much needed reminder. I would highly recommend her: she has my stamp of approval as a coach.

Myke Macapinlac, Calgary, Canada
Magnetic Dating

I highly recommend Ginger to anyone who is serious about getting the most out of themselves and their lives

Setting big, clear goals wasn't my problem, but seeing them to the end was. Ginger gave me the tools I needed to follow through, develop my self-discipline and nurture my motivation. Now I am confident in my ability as a freelancer to create the work I want and achieve the massive results I envision.

She is kind and personable and knows how to cut through the bullshit. I highly recommend Ginger to anyone who is serious about getting the most out of themselves and their lives.

Pia Savoie, Montreal, Canada

For her open heart and mind, I am glad to recommend her as a coach.

My call with Ginger helped me envision my upcoming major life transition and treat it with more equanimity. She suggested I manage my previous anxiety by reconnecting with my ideals, revisiting my deepest-held beliefs, and exploring the opportunity to make a difference in an authentic way.

Ginger is a terrific listener - for her open heart and mind, I am glad to recommend her as a coach.

Sharon Tan, Singapore

Now I know how to think positively through any situation & get things done!

After talking with Ginger, I was finally able to make better use of my time and start really working towards my goals in life. I used to think negatively and procrastinate and now I know how to think positively through any situation and get things done.

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The coaching experience with Ginger has been life changing and I definitely recommend her as a coach.

Stephen George, Dallas, TX
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