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Ginger’s business expertise and understanding of emotional intelligence has helped me excel in working with business partners and clients. I felt I wasn’t getting enough out of my experiences in my career and personal life, and she guided me to understanding how to capitalize on opportunity and break through limits I had placed on my own self-confidence.
I highly recommend Ginger, as she is straight to the point and has helped me grow by pointing out blind spots — I’m no longer playing the victim and I now know just how much power I have in maneuvering tricky situations in business and in life. I look forward to working with her as I build my company and inspire others as she’s done for me.

-Aubrey McCormick, CEO & Co-Founder of Impact360


Do you ever wonder why you accomplish so much at work, but when it comes to your personal life, you put off what’s most important to you?

Have you ever felt the frustration of realizing it’s a Sunday night and, once again, everything you wanted to get done has to be put on hold for one more week? Now you have a full work week ahead of you, and that personal dream you wanted to start to tackle is just going to wait until next weekend…

Why do we continuously put off things that we know we deeply desire to focus on?

Why do our days grow busier and our to-do lists longer, without big results?

If we really listened to ourselves, what is it we actually want to do with our precious time, instead of worrying about the to-dos we still haven’t checked off our lists?

Transforming Your To-Dos: The Pitfall That’s Holding You Back

There’s a trick going on here, one that’s holding you back from feeling deeply accomplished and satisfied. It’s simple, yet it’s a pitfall that most people don’t see…

See, at work, regardless of the job we’re doing, we’re usually reporting to someone other than ourselves. There’s someone higher up the chain who is looking to us to accomplish our accountabilities (i.e. what’s labeled “important” for the day) when we say we will.

Here’s the secret: we get very used to this feeling of being held accountable by someone else. We work, knowing that at the end of the day, or at the end of the year, there is someone else who will hold us accountable for our progress.

We get so used to this feeling of being held accountable that when we don’t have it in our personal lives, with our own BIG dreams, we simply don’t do much about them. We let even small dreams slide, even though we say they are important to us. We usually don’t focus on creating something meaningful for ourselves.

Without the usual feeling of external accountability, we need something else. Something much more powerful.

To be effective and powerful in our personal dreams, we must avoid the pitfall of looking to someone outside ourselves to hold us to our word.

What’s more powerful than that? A deep commitment to why we’re up to what we’re up to.

A commitment we choose to uphold, just for us. For our own happiness. For our own fulfillment. Because we believe it matters.

That’s where Peak Potentials Coaching comes in.

I work with my clients 1-on-1 in this program to get them deeply in touch with the core commitment they have to themselves. That could be something like “feeling confident” or “being powerful” or “being self-expressed” or “experiencing a loving, amazing relationship”.

From there, goals (and I use this word loosely) naturally unfold. Projects and dreams become clear. We put a structure in place towards accomplishing those dreams, and my clients discover that their deep commitment carries them through the obstacles that show themselves along the way.

I loved the process and our conversations. This program has FLOWN by. I can’t believe it’s over. Now I know how I can work more efficiently and use my “down time” better. It has been very insightful to have someone else take a look at how I am doing things and make helpful suggestions.

The program truly helped me and I enjoyed it! It was great to have someone supporting my professional and personal progress.”
-Jim Buckley, Boston, MA

What You Get

The Peak Potentials Program is a 6-month program held entirely via phone or Skype, so you can enroll in this program no matter where you are in the world.

-3 1-on-1 coaching calls with me each month
-3 weeks email & Facebook memo support each month
-access to resources and tools exclusively created for my clients

This coaching experience will have you in your power and in the driver’s seat of your life.

You’ll become energized by taking action every day towards what you say is important to you. You will let go of procrastinating, and you won’t ever need to feel frustration again if you don’t check off every box on your to-do list.

If you’re interested in working with me to become powerful and effective in your own life, fill out this application today. If you’re a fit for the program, I will set you up with a free discovery session so we can dive deeper.

What Others Are Saying

“Setting big, clear goals wasn’t my problem, but seeing them to the end was. Ginger gave me the tools I needed to follow through, develop my self-discipline and nurture my motivation. Now I am confident in my ability as a freelancer to create the work I want and achieve the massive results I envision.

She is kind and personable and knows how to cut through the bullshit. I highly recommend Ginger to anyone who is serious about getting the most out of themselves and their lives.”

-Pia Savoie, Montreal, Canada

“After talking with Ginger, I was finally able to make better use of my time and start really working towards my goals in life. I used to think negatively and procrastinate and now I know how to think positively through any situation and get things done.
The coaching experience with Ginger has been life-changing and I would definitely recommend her as a coach.”

-Stephen George, Texas, USA

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