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Or, dig into the resources below on travel in Europe and Southeast Asia, international work, long-term life abroad, entrepreneurship, and more…

The Asian Entrepreneur
Ginger Kern, Founder of Traveler’s Mindset

Mind Body Musings Podcast
Becoming A Confident, Cool-Headed, Body-Loving Solo Traveler

Angles of Lattitude Podcast
Experiencing BIG Adventure Through Transformative Travel

Year of Purpose Podcast
Abundant Travel

Unstuckable Podcast
Explore Yourself Using The Traveler’s Mindset

College is Not the Answer Podcast
Operating at Your Peak Performance & Traveling the World

Making the Most of a Weekend in Luxembourg
More than just tiny: Don’t overlook one of Europe’s smallest countries

The Feel Good Lifestyle
How to Conquer the World Through Travel and Adventurous Living

Grounded Traveler
What’s Cool About Living in Frankfurt?

My 5 top favorite things about living in Frankfurt, Germany.

Kölle Alaaf! Tips and Tricks to Surviving Karneval in Cologne, Germany
A fun, quick guide for beginners on celebrating carneval in Cologne.

Do It While You’re Young
An Impromptu Pilgrimage – Hiking at Sunrise in Heidelberg, Germany

KicktheGrind TV
Backpacker Survival Guide to Frankfurt

It’s a small world, but I still have a lot of ground to cover…

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