Eltville castle

Now, picture yourself sitting on this train, running along the Rhine River in Germany, in between a gorgeous old cobblestone city and a city known for wine, champagne, and roses…

You’ve just started the best trip you could ever imagine…an adventure that has you feeling like a local in Europe, already.

You’re surrounded by 8 other women who, like you, are reveling in the beauty and magic that surrounds you.


travel through Europe via train In August 2016…

You met your travel group face-to-face in an online Hangout that left you grinning from ear to ear. You met your future soul sisters! You and your partners-in-wanderlust had been preparing for this trip of a lifetime and it was almost time for take-off…

In mid September 2016, you left the United States…

You flew over the Atlantic ocean to Frankfurt Airport, met your fellow adventurers at the checkpoint and instantly knew you were in the right place! You took the train with them, and your guide, 30 minutes east to Mainz, where you slowly settled into our fully-equipped Airbnb house. Now was the time to beat that jet lag and get to know your new home with a relaxing walk by the romantic Rhine River…




You rented a bike, or explored the old city center of Mainz on foot, you discovered local specialties…and ate as many European cheeses, breads, and chocolates as your heart desired! (You chose to save the workshop on How to Shop Like a Local in Germany for the next day…)

Mainz Rhein Rhine River

Kirschgarten Mainz

You visited the botanical gardens with one woman in our group that you clicked with right away, the two of you feasted your eyes on the gorgeous cavernous ceilings of cathedrals in the city center, and felt your heels click on old cobblestone roads…



Next, you ventured farther west into Germany’s wine country…another beautiful 30-minute train ride put you in Eltville, the city known for its wine, champagne, and roses…

Eltville, Germany castle

There was even a castle waiting for you! Your heart nearly melted with happiness…and you hadn’t even experienced a local wine tasting yet! Once you had hopped ‘down the Rhine’ from one wine cellar to the next, admiring the classic half-timbered houses along the way…


Weinstube Gelbes Haus, Burgstraße 3 and 5, Eltville

You and your fellow adventuresses dined outside directly on the river itself, watching small boats pass by, laughing and chatting the afternoon away like old friends…


By Pedelecs by Wikivoyage and Wikipedia, CC BY-SA 3.0, https://commons.wikimedia.org/w/index.php?curid=27039775

The next day, you knew you were in for a treat.

It was time for a new country: Luxembourg. Another train trip through the countryside of western Germany revealed the beauty of the Mosel River and hours of lush, green landscape outside your window. You wondered if you would ever be able to remember it all, and journaled for an hour by yourself, trying to capture the memories you had made over the past few days…

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You arrived in Luxembourg, and immediately noticed how different it was from Germany. This tiny country, full of such diverse people, and so many languages too! You felt at home, excited to experience a new side of Europe that most people don’t ever discover..

You delighted in Luxembourg’s shopping district and the nightlife surprised you with its clubs and live music scene. Who knew a country of only 500,000 could party so well?!


Luxembourg by night
You toured the old city center, sampled chocolates and pastries, and explored the city’s historical museum to learn the legend of the famous mermaid who married and left Count Siegfried, Luxembourg City’s founder, never to return…


Luxembourg sweets Cafe Nathalie Bonn

After three days in Luxembourg, you’d seen new castles, museums, and more beautiful architecture than you had ever thought possible… and you and the ladies you were traveling with noticed how much more comfortable you felt on your own, discovering cities for yourselves, enjoying the cuisine and even practicing a few words in French!


You noticed how independent you feel, confident and in love with life…you truly didn’t want to leave!

Sadly, all journeys come to an end, and this one did too.

You joined your soul sisters on a nostalgic train ride back through the countryside of Luxembourg and Germany, to return past Eltville and Mainz where just a week ago you felt so nervous, so uncertain, to return to Frankfurt as new women. Brighter, somehow. More radiant, more in love with yourselves.

You stepped onto your plane in Frankfurt Airport, and knew in your heart of hearts that something deep inside you had shifted.

You looked forward to writing in your journal as your plane made its way back across the Atlantic ocean and you nodded off to sleep, dreaming of German wine and roses, and Luxembourgish chocolate and mermaids…

What if everything you just read was real?


  • more confidence than you’ve ever experienced in your life
  • a radical deepening of your passions
  • a new infusion of creativity
  • accelerated removal of your blocks
  • clarity on the actions to take towards what you want your life to be
  • an unshakeable sense of worthiness
  • an air of worldliness that sets you apart from any competitors in your field
  • the strength to go back to your life and make any hard decisions you know you have to, with ease and grace
  • a new world of possibilities open to you, because the way you see the world has permanently expanded.

This can be you…

If your adventurous spirit is calling you, and you’re willing to take a chance on yourself, then this Bold Magic Europe trip is for you! We’re creating an intimate group of wanderers, women who are searching for adventure and connection…women who want to get more juice out of life, to taste foreign cuisines, live life from a local’s perspective, learn how to travel confidently and independently abroad, and get back to who they truly are in their heart of hearts: radiant, bold women.

Sound like you or someone you know?
Take a deep breath, trust yourself, and click here to apply.

Only 8 spots are left on this journey to the wine country of Germany and the fairy-tale heart of Luxembourg, so if you’re ready to listen to the call to adventure, take the first step and apply.

With love and giddy anticipation,

Ginger Kern