I’m Ginger, and you’re on my site so I’m guessing you might be curious as to who I am.

A picture is worth a thousand words, so here’s one to start things off…



Two things you should know right away: I love to travel and I love to fly. I even fly in my dreams (without the need for an airplane), and I do plenty of traveling while I’m awake! Both represent a “no-limits” lifestyle to me, and make me feel SO ALIVE. Ah, and one more thing: I’m older than I look ;) Let’s say that the energy travel brings has kept me youthful!

I thrive on making a difference in peoples’ lives through mindset coaching, and I’ve been doing this for over 2.5 years with clients all around the world. My past clients have been ALL different sorts of people: CEOs of multi-million dollar businesses, 9-5 employees, solopreneurs and wellness professionals and more!

I’ve worked with clients based in Denver, Atlanta, San Francisco, Boulder and several other U.S. hubs, along with international clients based in Spain, India, Scotland, Germany, and more.

No matter who they are, I cause my clients to uncover their most powerful selves and consistently bring their big ideas to life within 3 months of working with me. 

My coaching has been featured in Forbes, while my travel expertise as the founder of  The Traveler’s Mindset has been called on for top travel blogs like Her Packing List and Holocene.

I’m also a TEDx speaker (…did I mention I used to be afraid of public speaking??)


Otherwise, you’ll probably find me being goofy with my boyfriend (not the guy in the picture with me, actually, though he’s learning how to dance now too), hiking on the nearest mountain trail, or gliding over a salsa dance floor.

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If it’s time to relax, I’ll be having conversations with people who inspire me, or I’ll be reading or jamming out to EDM music while I cook.

When it’s time for adventure, I’ve been known to hop on planes to spend time in developing countries, cliff jump into turquoise waters, and try random things for the novelty (from salty, raw Thai crab to kettle bell classes to belaying down waterfalls).

My Philosophy

Throughout 14 years of travel to 29 countries — including 3.5+ years in Europe, 3+ months in Southeast Asia, and a few short 2-week trips to far-flung places like New Zealand or seemingly “exotic” places like Colombia — I’ve noticed patterns. I’ve seen that regardless of where I am in the world, everyone is trying to achieve the same three feelings:

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1. Happiness
2. Peace
3. Freedom (from various types of fear)

The only difference is the actions we take in order to feel these feelings.

What I’ve seen work best — the only consistent way to feel these feelings we all desire – is to peel back the layers and discover who you truly are, to create a community that lifts you up and to focus your actions into creating true freedom for yourself.

My passion is in empowering my clients to create radical results in their lives. I go all-in, and I’m here to stand for your biggest self: the you that KNOWS you can see positive progress and momentum in your life AND be surrounded by inspiring and uplifting people.

I’m a stand for your biggest self to emerge. The part of you that knows your life matters. That you can create massive positive impact in the world while enjoying all the juice that life has to offer you!

You can uncover the wisdom you already have within you through coaching’s inner exploration and of course, through my favorite way: by traveling the world.

Apply today for my transformational coaching program and if you’re serious about being MORE than what you currently believe is possible, we’ll get to know each other soon. 

With love,