I’m Ginger, and you’re on my site so I’m guessing you might be curious as to who I am.

A picture is worth a thousand words, so here’s one to start things off…

Two things you should know right away: I love to explore and I love to fly. I even fly in my dreams – no airplanes needed! Both represent a “no-limits” lifestyle to me, and make me feel so ALIVE.

I thrive on making a difference in peoples’ lives through mindset coaching, and I’ve been doing this for over 3 years with people around the world. My clients have been CEOs of multimillion dollar businesses, 9-5 employees, solopreneurs, health & wellness professionals, and more.

I support all my clients in connecting with the unstoppable force that they are, and we consistently bring their big ideas to life within 6 months of working together.

My coaching has been featured in Forbes, while my travel expertise as the founder of  The Traveler’s Mindset has been called on for top travel blogs like Her Packing List.

I’m also a TEDx speaker (…did I mention I used to be afraid of public speaking??)

Nowadays, you’ll most likely find me working at Avanoo, hiking the nearest mountain trail, or flowing across a salsa dance floor.

If it’s time to relax, I’ll be having conversations with people who inspire me, or I’ll be reading or jamming out to EDM music while I cook.

When it’s time for adventure, I’ve been known to hop on planes to spend time in developing countries, cliff jump into turquoise waters, and try random things for the novelty (from salty, raw Thai crab to kettle bell classes to belaying down waterfalls).

My Philosophy

Throughout 15 years of travel to 29 countries — including 3.5+ years in Europe, 3+ months in Southeast Asia, and a few short 2-week trips to far-flung places like New Zealand or seemingly “exotic” places like Colombia — I’ve noticed patterns. I’ve seen that regardless of where I am in the world, everyone is trying to “achieve” the same three feelings/states of being:

1. Joy
2. Peace
3. Freedom (usually from our fears)

The only difference is how we go about “achieving” and maintaining these feelings/states of being.

What I’ve seen work best — the only consistent way to feel these feelings we all desire — is to peel back the layers that sit on top of and obscure who you truly are, to create a community around you that lifts you up, and to develop your mindset, behaviors, and habits that generate and sustain an environment that supports your Joy, Peace, and Freedom.

Whether through coaching or simply through a passing interaction, I’m a stand for your biggest self to emerge. The part of you that knows you matter and have a contribution that only you can give into the world. That you can create massive positive impact in the world while enjoying your life – no matter the challenges that come your way.

You can uncover the wisdom you already have within yourself through inner exploration and if you desire, through my favorite way: by traveling the world.

If you desire support in opening up what’s possible for you in all areas of your life, apply for my coaching program and perhaps we’ll get to know each other soon. 

With love,