I do, and I love helping people to find that fascination through inner travel within themselves, and outward travel around the world.

Sound fun?

Here’s the secret: the world is still your oyster.

My passion is in empowering my clients to create radical results in their lives. I LOVE helping my clients (and anyone who crosses my path) to create communities that love them and lift them up. To be lit up by who they really are, and to cut out the distractions so they can truly focus and create exactly what they want.

Check out my TEDx talk, The Key to Living a Life of Adventure:

So how can I help you?

Are you experiencing any of these things?

Not knowing what next step to take in your career

Fearing that you’re missing out on the best things in life

Feeling frustrated because you just don’t have clarity

Feeling overwhelmed and unsure about making big decisions…

You worry, I know. I get it, I’ve been there. And guess where your energy goes?

Does it go to making you more confident, or happier? No. Does it give you more control over your own life? Definitely not.

You allow your energy to be drained by negative people and situations.

Seconds and minutes of your life slip away… Instead of flowing your energy into fulfilling relationships, projects, or making a positive impact, you’re stuck in that cycle.

At the end of a draining day, you wonder if you’re ever going to feel truly happy, let alone have the energy to put into your big ideas and contribute something great to the world…

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If you’re feeling this way, and are READY to do something about it, you might be the right fit for my exclusive transformational travel coaching program.

See, when you have a confident, resilient mindset and you know your values beyond a shadow of a doubt, you can create your own reality, powerfully and quicker than you might think.

And when you align that mindset with consistent actions, you set yourself up to be focused, happy, courageous and achieving the results you desire.

You wake up energized. You get a bounce in your step. People around you start to wonder what the secret is behind your smile…

You can live like this.

You’re reading this right now, which already shows clear signs of potential. To be HERE, your mindset must be open to new things, to learning, and to unlimited growth…

…and that’s exactly why I find you fascinating.

Most people like you WANT to see positive progress and momentum in their own lives. You want to be surrounded by inspiring and uplifting people.

What’s more, you want to know that your life matters, and that you too can create a massive positive impact in the world. (You can!)

After talking with Ginger, I was finally able to see the world in colours and see myself again as somebody who is able to do things and stop waiting as time passes by.
-Mariann Volgyes, Brno, Hungary

Where I come in

I help my clients rediscover direction, build a community that uplifts them, and focus on what really matters to them.

We work to get their internal world (their mindset, their values) in alignment with their actions, so that their external world becomes a reflection of that alignment.

Imagine feeling totally and completely supported, knowing that someone has your back AT ALL TIMES.

See yourself feeling excited, on fire to get up and start your days…

That it’s so obviously apparent to the people around you that you’re creating amazing things in the world that they can’t help but want to support you.

The clients I work with know the secret to feeling free in their clarity, creating a rockstar community that lifts them up and fuels their own growth, and how to focus on what matters so they get to see the results of their life’s positive impact in the world.

The secret is an equation that is simple and powerful. I firmly believe that the more people who understand it, the better off we will all be. But before you can see the results of that equation, you have to live it.

Ready to take the first step to reclaiming your life? Fill out the form below.

After only one month with Ginger, I am now able to face head-on the challenges that used to give me anxiety. In fact, I look forward to seeking out new challenges!
-Jessica, Seattle

We’ll dive right into the deep stuff.

What do I get?

A powerful breakthrough in one area that’s holding you back

Why do I want it?

You’re going to feel deeply empowered and start to see that the life you deeply crave is truly possible

You’ll tap deeply into your “why” — the core of what you believe in, that starting point that shapes every single thing you do

What I’ll leave with:

A clear outline of how you can achieve living the life you want.

I look forward to every call, and I’d 10/10 recommend her to anyone who wants to stop wasting time and start getting results in their life.
-George Millo, Barcelona

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Apply today via this form

Tell me where your life is right now, and where you’d like it to be.

I’ll write back to you if you’re a great fit and let you know, and set you up with a free session.

…because if you’ve come this far, then I want you to get how fascinating you truly are and finally create that life that is waiting for you. You are here for a reason. But you have to take the first step. Do it for you.

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P.S. “You can choose comfort, or you can choose courage, but you cannot have both.” (Brene Brown)